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Message from Bobby Joe Seales

2014-2015 ALSSAR President


Compatriots . . .


On Saturday, 15 February 2014 as the 125th Alabama State Convention of the Sons of the American Revolution in Dothan came to a close I was given the honor to become your next President. I am truly indebted to the Compatriots who had the confidence, faith and trust to elect me to this position. As I said at the conclusion of our great State Convention - - I do not take this responsibility lightly and I will do everything possible to fulfill the trust you have placed in me.


I will always make myself available to you should you have concerns, suggestions or comments. Congratulations to everyone chosen and elected to serve as an officer for the coming year. I look forward to serving with these newly elected officers and the appointed Committee Chairmen and Liaisons. Please give them your fullest support.


As we enter into the coming year there are projects and programs we as a society need to embrace. As a society we will face challenges such as a decline in the knowledge of the principles and ideas for which our Founding Fathers fought and died so that we and future generations would have liberty and freedom. Each chapter has the expertise, knowledge and diversity to meet the challenges we will be facing. The challenges and opportunities each chapter has will not only strengthen them but will instill duty and allegiance to our society. I am asking each Chapter President to involve each member in their chapter and the society activities such as programs and awards, youth programs and activities, committees and to support State and National programs [CAAH, GWEF, SAR Library, etc.].


I look forward to visiting with each chapter; this is a goal that I have set for myself. ALSSAR would not be the society it is today without the hard work that is done at the chapter level. I encourage all chapters to focus on membership Đ encourage and support your members, become more visible and involved in your community through projects and activities. Chapters are the strength of our society. Take pride in your chapter and the Alabama Society and the fact that you belong to the Sons of the American Revolution. Please attend and support your Chapter Meetings, Board of Managers Meetings [26 April 2014 and 13 September 2014] and the Annual State Convention [20-21 February 2015].


Thank you immediate Past President Rev. Marvin K. Vickers for being an example for everyone and myself to follow. It was through your leadership, guidance and competence that we had a profitable and successful year.


I would be amiss if I didnŐt thank the ladies of our ALSSAR Ladies Auxiliary. Thank you for all that you do at the BOM meetings, the Annual State Convention and the financial contribution given to support our youth programs and to the National Ladies Auxiliary. We appreciate your unending support and service that you give to the Alabama Society Sons of the American Revolution and we look forward to another great year with you.


To everyone thank you for the love, commitment and passion you have for ALSSAR. I follow a long line of distinguished Alabama Society Presidents, and my hope is that I measure up to their high standards as I take the reins for the year. I will do all I can to honor the responsibility you have placed in me.


In closing, I ask God to embrace our society, state and nation and to keep His loving arms around you and your families as only as He can. For with GodŐs love and strength we can accomplish all things.














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