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National Society Youth Program Brochures

The SAR Youth Awards program brochure, created by the Youth Awards Council, is now available to SAR members in two different formats and printing options. Members can choose from a larger 8.5" x 14" double parallel format or a smaller 8.5" x 11" tri-fold format. Members can order a hard copy of the brochure or download the material onto personal thumb drives to print at their convenience. SAR Outreach Education recommends that the brochure be printed in full color on 100# Gloss Text.

Each format offers SAR members the ability to customize the Youth Awards program brochure by providing contact information relevant to their local chapter or state-level society. An editable "content area" section is identified on each brochure. Those members choosing to order a hard copy can use the "content area" to place labels bearing their relevant SAR information directly onto the brochure.

To order hard copies of or obtain additional information about the Youth Awards program brochure, please contact 
Ms. Colleen Wilson.

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Youth Programs