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My fellow Compatriots:

I want to thank each and every one of you for the confidence that you have entrusted in me to serve as your President.  As I stated in my reception speech at the convention, I am here to serve the Chapters of this Society.  It is the Chapters that push this organization forward.

My wish is for every member in the Alabama Society to “Step up to the challenge.”  My challenge to every member and Chapter is simply accomplish the goals that I have set forth for the Society as a whole.  If everyone will “step up” and work as a team, we can go way beyond the goals that are being proposed.  None of these goals are unachievable.  As you read through my goals think about the mission and goals of the Sons of the American Revolution. 

There are three things that we need to do in order to be successful.  They are:


My grandmother told me at a very young age: “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO UNTIL YOU TRY.”

Therefore, are you ready to step up to the challenge?

Patriotically yours,

David M Jones
President ALSSAR


*Ask each member of the Alabama Society to donate $3.65 (1 cent per day) to be earmarked for youth program support for Chapters.  This is a continuation from President Bob Anderson administration. This is an excellent idea that I would like to continue.

*Each Chapter form and equip a Color Guard and coordinate with the Color Guard Commander, Joe Barker to assist in training.  We are going to establish a “train the trainer” program so that all Chapter Color Guards are familiar with commands and procedures.  If we have to put together a Color Guard from different Chapters for an event, everyone will be familiar and there should be less confusion.  This is a continuation from President McKinley’s administration.  He put the wheels in motion and received a lot of positive feedback.  We have now planned and coordinated for training that so many members have been requesting.

*Each Chapter should contact local elementary, middle, and high schools in their area and become engaged with students. Distribute the NSSAR videos, give short presentations, set up displays, create a reading program, create a new contest within your Chapter, conduct a voter registration campaign, or just show up in colonial period uniform/clothing as a visual aid to history teachers.  Be creative!

*Coordinate with your local public libraries and do the same as noted above.  Specific months for library displays are June (Army Birthday), July (Independence Day), and September (Constitution Day)

*100% participation from all Chapters at every state meeting (BOM and Annual).

*100% submission of all Chapter reports, on time.

*Each Chapter: create a “patriots chest.” These are used for educational purposes.

*Chapter Presidents: maintain a working copy of the USS Stark and Americanism report.

*Push the youth programs.  I would like to see 16 posters, 16 brochures, 16 essays, 16 history teachers, 16 orators, and at least 10 JROTC and 5 Eagle Scouts for our 2020-21 contests.

*Each Chapter: submit an article to the State Newsletter at a minimum of one each quarter pertaining to events your Chapter has been involved.  These articles can be anything of interest that pertains to the revolution (person, events, or documents), a Chapter with a significant anniversary (10th, 20th, 25th, etc.) submit an article about the history of your Chapter.

*Search Chapter websites for ideas and speakers bureau’s to enhance your own Chapter.

*If you have more than one state chairman on youth programs, decide which one you want to keep and notify the Vice President.  We need to spread the wealth across the state.


Committee Chairmen

Youth programs:

All Chairmen will submit to the Vice President by name two vice-chairmen from different chapters across the state. Example: JROTC Chairman (Birmingham) vice chair (TN Valley) vice chair (Wiregrass). 

We need to document everything that we do.  I am requesting that all chairmen for youth programs turn in copies of the state level score sheets of entries to your respective contest.  Score sheets are to be placed in the archives as historical documents of the society.  Signatures of each judge must be on the  score sheet either by original or by electronic signature.


CAR: Great strides have been made but we need a larger presence of CAR/SAR engagement.  Every major event that SAR is involved, CAR should be present and vise-versa.

DAR: Same thing applies.  I know that DAR is a unique organization and have some of the strangest policies but we need to get them involved with our major events.

American Village:  We need a larger presence here to support Tom Walker and his crew.  If he needs “soldiers” marching through the village or just strategically placed for visitors to see, we should provide it whenever possible.  This is called “volunteer work.”  I am a certifying official for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Leadership Training & Development:

Someone needs to step in and give Bruce Buehler a hand.  He can do this via tele-conference (which makes it easy for everyone involved).  I do not think this valuable asset is being taken advantage of at all.

Message from David Jones

 2020-2021 ALSSAR President