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Ladies Auxiliary 

Who are we?
The Ladies Auxiliary Alabama Society Sons of the American Revolution (LAALSSAR) is a service organization whose purpose is to assist the national and state SAR societies in achieving their goals and objectives. The ladies auxiliary also supports the various projects and activities of the SAR.

Current Officers

  • President:  Kay Anderson
  • Vice President:  Vicky Brady
  • Secretary: Sally Daniels
  • Treasurer:  Rita Pickette
  • Chaplain:  Carol Irving
  • Historian:  Donna Wells

What do we do?
We encourage our members to do whatever they can to help with their local SAR chapter activities. The auxiliary members can help with the youth programs, service projects, grave markings, chapter banquets, fundraisers, school programs, etc. The proceeds of our state fundraisers go to the state youth programs.

The LAALSSAR also supports the National Ladies Auxiliary through providing baskets and donations for their fundraisers, by participating in their projects, by selling and purchasing their cookbook. The money that is raised by the national auxiliary goes to the SAR Center for the Advancement of American Heritage.

When do we meet?
The LAALSSAR meets 3 times per year: in February, at the State SAR Convention; in May, at the spring Board of Managers Meeting; in Oct., at the fall Board of Managers meeting.

Who can be a member?
Membership in the Auxiliary is open to female relatives and female supporters of members of the ALSSAR who are in good standing or were at the time of their death. We welcome any wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. to become active members of the LAALSSAR.

What are the Membership dues?
Membership dues are only $5.00 per year. Members of the LAALSSAR are automatically members of the National Ladies Auxiliary organization.

How can I join?
In order to join the LAALSSAR, please contact one of the Ladies Auxiliary officers, or a state SAR officer, or the president of your local SAR chapter about membership.

View the Ladies Auxiliary of the SAR By-Laws