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Open letter to ALSSAR JROTC/ROTC Awards Program Administrators and JROTC/ROTC Senior Military Instructors

The SAR awards ROTC/JROTC Medals to foster the principle of the “citizen-soldier”, exemplified by the Minutemen of American Revolutionary War days. The founding of today’s ROTC Citizen-Soldier program was brought about in 1819  by Capt.  Alden Partridge, former West Point Superintendent, whose own father,  Pvt.  Samuel Partridge Jr., fought at the Battle of Saratoga in the American Revolution.   

SAR medal awards are presented by a Chapter, a State Society, or the National Society to ROTC (University level) or JROTC (11th grade high school) Cadets having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence. Cadet recipients are selected by the Commanding Officer of the ROTC or JROTC unit, who should be given full latitude in making the selection.

SAR ROTC/JROTC Medals are approved by the United States Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, and USAF Services.   Each service has notified its ROTC and JROTC units of this approval and has authorized presentation to its cadets or midshipmen.

SAR ROTC/JROTC medal recipients are selected by Commanding Officer of the JROTC/ROTC unit.  Local Chapters are responsible for coordinating with University/College and High School units in their areas.  University/College Cadets receive the Silver ROTC Medal; JROTC cadets receive the Bronze JROTC Medal.  SAR members purchase medals. 

For ROTC or JROTC units with fewer than 500 Cadets or Midshipmen, one medal will be awarded each year. For larger units, one medal may be presented for each 500 students enrolled in the unit. In cases where a school has more than one ROTC or JROTC unit, each unit is counted separately. It is desirable to have a medal and ribbon bar on display in a trophy case at each school where it is presented. This will serve as an incentive to the students and publicize the SAR ROTC program as well.

SAR also sponsors the JROTC Enhanced Outstanding Cadet (OC) competitive award program for 11TH Grade (Junior) level JROTC Cadets. Winners receive medal and monetary awards at the Chapter, State and National level. Participants in this JROTC monetary award competition are required to write an essay and must be in the top level of their class. See attached Policy and Procedures Manual (PDF) for specifics and awards. 

Contact the Chairmen listed in the Policy .PDF for additional questions about the essay contest requirements and awards at State and National levels. Detailed ROTC/JROTC awards program information may be found in the Alabama Society JROTC/ROTC Recognition Program Policy and Procedures using  the above .PDF link.