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Chairman: James K. (Jim) Griffith, Jr.

The purpose of the George Washington Endowment Fund (GWEF) is to maintain a continuing program for obtaining and distributing funds to support NSSAR unfunded and underfunded committees and special projects. The endowment fund should grow annually to continue support of approved NSSAR activities and projects. The GWEF serves as an “umbrella” under which gifts are placed. Earnings from the contributions over the years have helped to finance a wide variety of programs and projects.

Fund raising activities are conducted at the National level, during the Leadership meetings and the annual Congress. Chapters and Societies are encouraged to establish a program to accept GWEF donations on a continuing basis. Each Chapter and Society should appoint a chairman to coordinate the GWEF program and to maintain records of all contributors for recognition. The Vice Presidents General should also have guidelines for Chapters and Societies to assist in GWEF fund raising activities.

All gifts are important and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Individuals donating $1,000 or more are recognized as George Washington Fellows. The gifts may be paid in a lump sum amount or in installments of $200 or more annually over a five-year period.

Each person recognized as a GW Fellow shall receive a distinctive lapel pin and a certificate denoting his status. The name of each GW Fellow will be displayed in the new Center for Advancing America’s Heritage building.

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