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Executive Committee

From  ARTICLE XVIII - The Board of Managers - Bylaws of the Alabama Society

The Executive Committee shall exist as a representative body of the Board of Managers in executing, maintaining and executing extra-ordinary business affairs of the Alabama Society that might arise during the intervals between meetings of the Board of Managers and between meetings of the Board of Managers and the Annual Meeting; i.e. to act ad interim.  The Committee shall serve as counsel to advise the President on planning and operational matters of the state society about which he or the Board of Managers deems the counsel of the Committee to be needed or helpful for that purpose.  Specifically, the Committee shall have the duty to meet on call of the President and act for the Board of Managers ad interim to consider spending discretionary funds.  The Committee may conduct its business by mail, email, by electronic means, or telephone in lieu of convening in person provided, however, that each member of the Committee shall confirm by email or hard copy letter to the Secretary, each vote he has given verbally whether by telephone or other electronic media.  

The Executive Committee is a standing committee of the state society and shall include the following members:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chancellor (non-voting), two Chapter Presidents as selected by the President who will strive for the widest possible geographical distribution and a past Alabama Society President selected by the other members of the Committee.  

Members of the 2022-2023 Executive Committee:

  • William Daniel
  • Jim Griffith
  • Eric Alford
  • ​John Van Zandt
  • Jay Maples (Chancellor non-voting)
  • David Jones
  • Paul Petznick
  • Jeremy Ward
  • Jim Maples (Advisory non-voting)
  • Michael Martin (Recording Secretary - non-voting)