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Birmingham Chapter

About the Chapter:

Principles of patriotism and camraderie are emphasized in the work of the Birmignham Chapter Sons of the Americn Revolution as the Chapter participates in the various programs invovling youth promoted by the National Society SAR.

Chapter Officers

  • President:  Paul Petznick
  • Vice-President:  Jay Howton
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Roger Vaughan
  • Registrar:  John Love
  • Historian: Jay Howton
  • Chaplain:  Bob Hunter
  • Genealogist:  Richard Reed
  • Surgeon:  William Hansford
  • Chancellor:  Bill Pryor
  • Sgt-at-Arms:   Timothy Meddars


The Birmingham Chapter meets monthly (except February and August) on the Third Tuesday of the month at 12 Noon at The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham. The August meeting is a night meeting, open to the families of the members, as well as all interested guests. Each meeting consists of a historically oriented program.

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