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American Revolution: Alabama 

The Alabama Society's American Revolution: Alabama brochure project began several years ago. It was finalized in 2016 and an initial printing was made and distributed to State Welcome Centers entering the State. It was a great hit.  A second printing (20,000) was done in 2017 and distributed by the Alabama Tourism Department to the eight State Welcome Centers entering the State. We are now in our third printing (50,000) to replenish the supply and also to distribute to schools throughout Alabama.

We have received generous grants from the George Washington Endowment Fund (GWEF) and the Alabama Tourism Department.  We could not have untaken this project without their support!

The image below is the map side of the brochure showing the 23 counties named for Revolutionary War Patriots. Hancock County named for John Hancock is included in the count but in 1858 it was renamed Winston County.

Click anywhere on the image below to open up a larger pdf file. If you would like a much larger pdf version formatted for printing in either 18"X24" or 22"X28", send a request using the "Contact Us" button on the left. The files are too large to email but can be shared through Dropbox.

Thanks goes to Randy Johnson, graphic designer of Birmingham for the original 23 county map and front cover work. This rendition of the brochure was created by graphic designer Sandra Slate at Slate Design. If you have a need for graphics work and would like to contact Randy or Sandra, send a request using the "Contact Us" button on the left and your request will be forwarded.