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Tom and Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award (click on the title above for information on the National Society, SAR website.

Robert L. "Bob" Anderson, Jr.

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, whose mission and objectives are patriotic, historical, and educational, wish to identify, recognize, and commend Outstanding Social Studies Teachers. These extraordinary educators at private, public, and parochial institutions, who teach our children in a middle or high school setting, will be recognized for actively addressing the history of the American Revolutionary era. The Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award winner will represent a teacher whose instruction on the Revolutionary War era from 1750 – 1800 demonstrates educational efforts in the classroom that exceed and excel above current, accepted, curriculum requirements.

Award Description:
The Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award winner will be able to choose a trip to one of the following seminars;

  1. Freedoms Foundation Summer Teacher Graduate Workshop at Valley Forge, Pa.
  2. Colonial Williamsburg Summer Teacher Workshop in Williamsburg, Va.
  3. Jefferson Symposium at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va.
  4. SAR Annual Conference on the American Revolution.

This award, valued at $1,400.00, will reimburse the winner for expenses including tuition, room and board, and transportation. The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution will provide this professional educational opportunity to an educator who will bring back to the classroom a heightened level of creativity and enthusiasm to their students of the American Revolutionary era.

How to Enter:
The NSSAR invites all American history teachers, whose approved curriculum teaches students about the Revolutionary War era from 1750 to 1800, to apply for the Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Award. The educator must be a teacher at the middle or high school level at a recognized public, private, or parochial institution.

The award program will be conducted in three (3) phases: Local Chapter, State Society, and National Society. The applicant must begin the entry process by obtaining an application form (see below) and submitting the completed application through a local SAR Chapter. The Application form can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. To locate Local Chapters, applicants can Visit the state contacts page and click on their state website.

Applicant Entry Deadline to Local Chapters: 18 December (Suggested)
Chapter Entry Deadline to State Societies: 8 January (Suggested)
State Societies Candidate Deadline to National Society: 21 February (Mandatory).

Teacher candidates interested in entering the Local Chapter contest must complete the required application and submit a written essay of not less than 500 words discussing the importance of teaching the American Revolutionary era. The essay may also describe any extraordinary teaching techniques or innovative projects utilized by the teacher to teach the American Revolution. The contest is aimed at identifying a teacher who is still actively teaching and who is in the early stages of their career, therefore having many years of productive classroom teaching remaining. It is recognized that school districts may have different job titles for teachers of American history such as Social Studies teachers. The actual job title of the teacher is not important as long as the teacher has as their primary duty the teaching of American History. Teachers who teach music, JROTC, or other subjects as their primary subject are not eligible. The essay should also discuss why the teacher wants to attend the educational seminar and how the teacher would use what is learned at the seminar in the future.

Two signed letters of recommendation, one from the Supervisor and one from the Principal whose signature endorsing the applicant appears on the application, should also be among the application materials. These letters need to state why the applicant is an outstanding teacher of American history.

In addition to the application and written essay NSSAR requests from the applicant a one-page biography highlighting their educational background and achievements. All application materials must be typed/printed on 8.5″ x 11″ standard paper and submitted through the mail. No handwritten or copied material will be accepted. All original materials will remain the property of NSSAR.

This award is specifically for graduate programs in the American Revolution and not redeemable for its monetary value. If the award winner is unable to attend an educational seminar during the year the award is presented then the winner may attend in a subsequent year. The winner must attend a seminar within thirty six months after the award is announced or the award will be forfeited.

Judging & Awards:
Although individual chapters and state societies may set their own deadlines it is recommended that the following deadlines be followed. The Local Chapters will distribute and accept award applications until 18 December. The deadline for Local Chapters to submit their winner to the State Society will be 8 January. State Societies in turn will receive, evaluate and judge the Local Chapter finalist applications and submit the one state finalist to the Executive Director of the NSSAR by 21 February. The deadline for states to submit their entries to the Executive Director is mandatory and entries submitted after the deadline may not be accepted. The National Society American History Teacher Committee will judge the state finalists at the Spring leadership Meeting and announce the winner by March 31. All state finalists will receive a certificate of appreciation for their participation.

Please contact the Chairman listed above for additional details, including amounts awarded at State and National levels.