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 Revolutionary War Soldiers & Patriots in Alabama

This project was an initiative of the Tennessee Valley Chapter Sons of the American Revolution (TVCSAR) and was one element of TVCSAR’s commitment to the Alabama Veterans Museum in Athens, AL, to aid it in improving its Revolutionary War section. The dataset was designed to facilitate an improved understanding of the nation’s first veterans and other Patriots of the Revolutionary War who had a connection to the state of Alabama. Hopefully, it will prompt additional research.

The information utilized five different data sources.  Click on the links below for the cover sheet, methodology, a spreadsheet arranged by last name, a spreadsheet arranged by county, and a searchable database which will take you to an external website. Be sure to read "Methodology" before you download either of the spreadsheets or search the database to better understand how this database was developed.

To use the searchable database feature you can put in a last name or you can leave the last name blank and use the county dropdown feature to show a listing of all Patriots associated with a particular county.