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Make check for the full amount payable to ALSSAR and mail to:
Compatriot Jim Maples
1501 Elmwood Drive, S.E.
Huntsville, AL 35801


Contact Compatriot Maples via telephone 256.656.9898 or viaemail at

For a printable form go to this link: Alabama Society Medal Member Order Form

Orders are now being accepted for the Alabama Society Members Medal.

This medal has been approved for wear by the Alabama Society, the SAR National Society Medals and Awards Committee, and the National Society SAR Executive Committee. The Alabama Society membership medal can only be worn by current Alabama Society Regular, Junior, and dual State Society members.

Medal sets include a standard and miniature medal. The cost for each medal set is $35.00, which includes shipping and handling.

Please send me the following Alabama Society SAR Member Medal sets: (you must complete each block before the "Submit" button will work)

Alabama Society SAR Medal Order Form